Kuala Lumpur 2019 Workshop 1B

"Islam and Futures Literacy" - A Two-Day Workshop


3-4 August, 2019 - Tamu Hotel and Suites, Kampung Baru

Why is it important to have an appreciation of what the future may bring? How do we think about and study alternative futures? What is Islam’s position on ‘the future’? What can we confidently say about futures of Muslim societies? This workshop explores these questions and provides rigorous training in futures and foresight methods with hands-on experience. The goal is to see how we can use some of these methods to throw light on the plight and problems of Muslim societies and work towards viable strategies to navigate the next decades. The focus in this workshop will be on alternative futures for Malaysia.



I think therefore I am
I progress therefore I am
I shop therefore I am
I share therefore I am
I am tradition and culture
I am science and technology
I am what I buy
I am online
Simple, Closed
Complicated, Closed
Complex, Open
Open, Interconnected, Chaotic
Conquest, Supremacy, Progress
Progress, Efficiency, Modernization
Relativism, Plurality, Individuality
Complexity, Chaos, Contradictions