Your insights for Insights

The content of Insights will be contradictory, complex and chaotic. Like a polylogue, Insights sheds light on PNT issues and themes from multiple angles in different tones and voices.

Do you have content that you feel may contribute to the development of PNT theory or enhance our awareness and understanding of postnormal phenomenon? All aspects of postnormal times, anything creeping towards postnormality or approaching a postnormal burst or simply ignored and denied is of interest.

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I think therefore I am
I progress therefore I am
I shop therefore I am
I share therefore I am
I am tradition and culture
I am science and technology
I am what I buy
I am online
Simple, Closed
Complicated, Closed
Complex, Open
Open, Interconnected, Chaotic
Conquest, Supremacy, Progress
Progress, Efficiency, Modernization
Relativism, Plurality, Individuality
Complexity, Chaos, Contradictions