Introducing: надія

A Special Run of Insights on the Ukraine-Russian War


надія is the Ukrainian Word for Hope - that most essential sentiment needed to stave off the despair that often accompanies Postnormal Times.
Map of Eastern Europe
View From Above

June marked the end of the first 100 Days since Russian forces began their invasion of Ukraine, stoking a situation none thought possible in our contemporary world and in its wake making us all rethink our notions of war, international relations, global economic trade, and an assortment of macro and micro beliefs across man fields of inquiry.

In the following special run of Insights, our contributors will take an exploration into many postnormal aspects concerning the events taking place in Russia and Ukraine, their relation to the larger European and post-Soviet communities, and even the global ramifications that are and will continue taking place as the complexities, chaos, and contradictions within the situation grow and provoke further events as a result of the amplification of speed, scale, scope, and simultaneity in postnormal times. Let us begin a great polylogue of expressions and ideas aimed at launching more discussions and building better futures. We welcome all contributions and creative submissions here.

To submit a contribution or for further questions, please send an email to [email protected]


I think therefore I am
I progress therefore I am
I shop therefore I am
I share therefore I am
I am tradition and culture
I am science and technology
I am what I buy
I am online
Simple, Closed
Complicated, Closed
Complex, Open
Open, Interconnected, Chaotic
Conquest, Supremacy, Progress
Progress, Efficiency, Modernization
Relativism, Plurality, Individuality
Complexity, Chaos, Contradictions
Spanish Flu (1918-1920)
Zika Virus, MERS, SARS
Serial Monogamy
Serial, Multiple Monogamy
Hetero, Homo, Trans, Serial, Plural
Feral, To be Tamed, and Exploited
Under Control, but Limits to Growth
Social Construction of Nature
Mass extinction, Climate Change
Pursuit of Reasoned Inquiry
Scientific Progress and Development
Socially Constructed and Relative
Complex, Uncertainties, Ignorances
Science makes work easier
Ideologically driven for "progress"
Biotechnology & Genome Sequencing
AI, Human-Machine Synthesis
Male, Female
Male, Female, (Closet Gays)
Male, Female, LGBTQ+