Introducing... The Covid Chronicles

The Covid Chronicles Limited Series


Finding yourself pitted against the existential threat of boredom between Netflix binge sessions and toilet paper hunting excursions? Looking to engage with an intellectually stimulating community to make sense of the (Insert your country’s brand of quarantine, lockdown, or movement control here) brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic? Well then, we are excited to announce a new series of Insights that explores the truly postnormal nature of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us at the CPPFS have racked our brains sorting through recent headlines and numerous email requests asking what postnormal times theory can tell us about what is going on with this global crisis and where we go after it, that is of course if there is an after Covid-19. For the next few weeks, we will be posting new Insights put forth by members of the CPPFS. Here from Linda Hyökki, Jordi Serra, Christopher B. Jones, Liam Mayo, and more. Be sure to follow us on Twitter or check back here regularly to get the lastest on PNT Theory in times of Covid-19!

We also want to hear from you! If you have an insight to share (no matter your background in postnormal times) we are all ears. If you would like to submit an essay, post, work of art, or other creative outlet for review, email your submission to Scott at [email protected].

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I think therefore I am
I progress therefore I am
I shop therefore I am
I share therefore I am
I am tradition and culture
I am science and technology
I am what I buy
I am online
Simple, Closed
Complicated, Closed
Complex, Open
Open, Interconnected, Chaotic
Conquest, Supremacy, Progress
Progress, Efficiency, Modernization
Relativism, Plurality, Individuality
Complexity, Chaos, Contradictions
Spanish Flu (1918-1920)
Zika Virus, MERS, SARS
Serial Monogamy
Serial, Multiple Monogamy
Hetero, Homo, Trans, Serial, Plural
Feral, To be Tamed, and Exploited
Under Control, but Limits to Growth
Social Construction of Nature
Mass extinction, Climate Change
Pursuit of Reasoned Inquiry
Scientific Progress and Development
Socially Constructed and Relative
Complex, Uncertainties, Ignorances
Science makes work easier
Ideologically driven for "progress"
Biotechnology & Genome Sequencing
AI, Human-Machine Synthesis
Male, Female
Male, Female, (Closet Gays)
Male, Female, LGBTQ+