Jordi Serra del Pino

Since 2014, Serra Del Pino has worked as Research Director at the Centre for Postnormal Policy and Futures Studies. He consults widely, with a speciality in Spanish-speaking contexts, on foresight, strategy, and intelligence. Serra del Pino's publications on Postnormal Times include:

Serra del Pino, Jordi. “Posthumanos Postnormales.” In ¿Humanos O Posthumanos?. Barcelona: Fragmenta Editorial, 2015.

———. “Postnormal Governance.” East-West Affairs: A Quarterly Journal of North-South Relations in Postnormal Times 2, no. 5 (March 2014): 5–13.

Serra del Pino, Jordi y Ziauddin Sardar. "Inteligencia postnormal," In INTELIGENCIA Y SEGURIDAD: REVISTA DE ANÁLISIS Y PROSPECTIVA. Número 17 (Enero-Junio / Julio-Diciembre 2015): 89-118.

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